Ironman Weltmeisterschaft 2023

Ironman Weltmeisterschaft 2023 - Nizza

Die Woche vor dem Event

Mittwoch in der Vorwoche bin ich zum Event nach Nizza geflogen. Die Eventwoche war vollgepackt mit Agendapunkten. Flaggenparade, Merchandising und Event-Venue, Welcome Banquet, etc.

Es war toll, dass alles mal hautnah mitzuerleben und auch alle Stars und Legenden konnte man treffen und teilweise auch kurz sprechen.


At 5 a.m. we went to the transition zone in the
dark. There we got the message „No wetsuites allowed“ as a greeting!

24.8 degrees water temperature 😱 Otherwise, the
nervousness was very high. We weren’t allowed to access the bags on race day,
so I had 2 hours in the transition zone because I was in the last wave of the
start. At the World Championships, the participants were sent to the start in
waves every 5 minutes and AG45 was the last one.


Oh oh… „Just don’t be last…“

The swim was actually nice. Totally clear view, azure
blue water only coarse salty. Unfortunately, my glasses weren’t completely
tight, so I had a nasty burning in my eyes, at least at the beginning.

But then that got better. I also swallowed some of the
salt water, which would later lead to stomach cramps on the bike course. From
ton 1 I unfortunately got into the first swimmers of the preliminary wave, so
that every now and then zigzag swimming was announced.

After 4190m (based on my Garmin) I came out of the water
at about 1:10h. So the pace was right, but I probably swam a little too much.
The transition zone was quite long and I was able to test how the foot (with my
Morton’s neuroma ‚injury‘) will feel.


It seemed OK so far, so free ride on the brutal bike 🚴‍♂️


There are 2,427 meters of altitude difference to be mastered on the round.

The course leads first about 15 km along the sea towards the airport and then a little inland until the first climb awaits. Here my stomach was already struggling with cramps in the aero position due to the salt water, of which

I had probably swallowed some of it.

Thanks to my late starting group, however, the track was largely empty. Nevertheless, I was able to make one or two chats with other athletes.

An approx. 13KM long climb of 3 different ramps, all around ten percent gradient each, make my legs glow for the first time.

In general, I was on the bike course about 70% on the lowest gear and 20% on the largest gear. The other sprockets could almost have been saved.

Then, after a short flat section, followed what was probably the hardest part of the bike course, the ascent to the Col de LÈcre. A 19km long passage at 1,100 m altitude. On average about 5-6% gradient.

After about 60 km you had reached the mountain plateau. My stomach cramps were gone and at the same time I had lost track of how to lie like that.

Regarding pacing, however, I had stuck to my typical wattage of 180-240W, which I was able to ride well. The heat was enormous and accordingly I drank a lot.

The mountain plateau (about 60 km route) is indicated as a rolling course and that’s it, an up and down.

Once in Coursegoules, we head back towards Nice with an impressive descent. 34 kilometers long, 1000 m down.

Up to this point I had seen many breakdowns and also some falls. In the run-up to the race, I had a lot of respect with my rim brakes on carbon. Please no fall. Accordingly, I drove defensively in order to drive all hairpin bends and corners that were not visible cleanly (without crossing the virtual center line). I found the descent technically very demanding.

But track knowledge helps (which I didn’t have).

Once at the bottom, it was another 17 KM flat towards T2. Weird was that at 5:12h driving time I was only at kilometer 100-120. That’s when I realized, it’s going to be a long day in the office today.


But how will the run, will the foot hold?

Run & Finish

n contrast to the bike course, the running route is flat as a pot. It runs on a 10.5-kilometre-long out-and-back track exclusively along the Promenade des Anglais. Four rounds have to be completed. The heat was challenging at first.

With my foot taped, I started with a pace of 5:20-05:30. It was already clear beforehand that this would now be my surprise egg. For 4 weeks I could hardly walk at all.

I felt some residual pain at first, but for once to the airport and almost back it was enough. After that I tried my hand at hop running but from kilometer 18 it got tough.

It would be too easy to just put it on my feet, it’s more the sum of them all: My energy tank after 3 LDs was empty, my body was tired after the hard bike session and the air conditioning and heat had probably given my health a little crack.

Looking ahead and after a short communication with @claudi_gives_it_a_tri how long the goal is open, the arithmetic and pacing began. Going through was not a possibility, so it will have to be a run and walk.

Epic then the finish line when it was clear that I would make it. The grandstands became fuller again after dark and I also received honest real support on the Run Course.


I am very grateful to have been able to participate in the race. The finish was my most emotional so far and it was definitely the hardest I’ve done so far.